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“In striving to empower Arab women and realise their human rights we are fighting for the freedom to be fully and completely human, without need for permission or persuasion.”

- Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner,Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy.

AIWF Conference at the European Parliament, Brussels, April 2005

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Meeting and networking between Arab and the European Women and Seminar on Women’s Talents for Innovation

March 20, 2016

Event Overview:

20-25 March 2016

AIWF Delegation Visit to Italy     

Meeting and networking between Arab and the European WomenItaly 2016 Conference
and Seminar on Women’s Talents for Innovation.

Following an exciting invitation received by AIWF from Board Member Chiara Corazza, Managing Director,Greater Paris Investment Agency, AIWF has organised a networking and business trip to Tabiano, Italy, that brought together Arab business women leaders with their Italian and European counterparts.

The trip was held on Sunday 20 March to Friday 25 March 2016, with a number of exciting business visits, unique cultural experiences and a one-day, high level seminar on Tuesday 22 March 2016, Women’s Talent for Innovation, which explored opportunities for closer collaboration and partnerships between AIWF Members and European businesswomen. Panel discussions covered innovation in family business, energy, luxury goods, health and wellness, arts and culture.

The purpose of the trip was attained and has provided a rich understanding of the business, political, social and civil society structures in Italy, with an eye towards understanding and learning from the successes that have been reached in various sectors and by prominent Italian brands and businesses. Delegates also discovered the advancements and accomplishments of Arab and European women in business, meeting and network with political, business and women leaders at the highest levels.

A comprehensive event report with photos will be featured in the June edition of the AIWF Newsletter. AIWF extends its very special thanks and appreciation to Chiara Corazza for hosting the AIWF Delegation, and to all AIWF Members taking part in this unique networking and business trip.

Mrs Haifa Al Kaylani's Speech at AIWF Seminar in Italy

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